Sloppy Twats is a tumblr blog dedicated to posting gifs made exclusively by me. I started making gifs around December 2011, when I realized I was always fast-forwarding through porn to the “good parts”, and that it would be awesome to have a blog of nothing but the stuff I thought were the good parts!

Submissions are welcome, but it is fairly obvious from the content of this site that I only post gifs I’ve made personally.

Asks are always welcome and I always respond privately. I’m always happy to chat so feel free to message me any time. If you’d like to request a gif of a certain topic or featuring a certain porn star, let me know and I can usually oblige. Questions regarding the movies that particular gifs were created from are also welcome, and I can usually provide a download link to the full scene if you like.

Gifs are made using a variety of tools. Although I’m pretty proficient with Photoshop at the moment I am using:

  • WinAVI All In One Convertor and Pazera Free MP4 to AVI Convertor to convert movies into various formats for extraction.
  • VirtualDub to extract still images from scenes
  • Ifranview to convert extracted still images into .gif format as well as perform various sizing and other modifications, as well as apply my watermark.
  • Unfreez to compile still .gif images into an animated .gif file

Discussions on gif making are always welcome, and always interested in learning new techniques. I hope you enjoy the blog!